Dressed Down

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Over the weekend, Hosanna and I spent some time shooting a couple of key pieces from Dress Down Friday, a new brand launched by Jipaban. The whole concept behind the brand is so apt- You dress down on Fridays because its the end of the week, but still make a statement and leave an impression with pieces that are perfect from work to play (party!) because hey, its almost the weekend! I mean, its pretty straightforward and I love that the pieces we picked out were really kind of casual but we played around with them and interpreted them into how Fridays should look like. From necessities like the Olivia buttoned blouse in Ivory to a mini skirt, I don’t think you can really go wrong with these pieces. They actually really surprised me and I ended up liking them a lot more than I thought I would. The cape dress and Ion Luxe skirt in gold is perfect for Friday night outs, my safari outfit is great for excursions to welcome the weekend and the Ion Luxe skirt in black is literally perfect for anything. A lot of the items I paired them with are vintage from my wardrobe- we wanted to do something fun but at the same time still staying true to what Fridays were all about- pretty much anything to do with the word ‘Fun’ as I would quote Rebecca Black. You know what I’m trying to get at. All pieces are up on Jipaban now! So grab while you can. Hope you like!

Note: This is a sponsored post.