India Town

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Here are the results from the shoot I did with Franz a couple of weekends ago, so happy to finally post these up! It took place at the last minute and all I had with me were a bag of clothes I put together in 30 minutes. The whole evening comprised of a major amount of walking, doing crazy things and laughing a lot, mainly because I was acting really silly in front of the camera. Like I said before, it was a breath of fresh air walking through these streets with so much culture and history, and all I could think about was stuffing my face silly with naan bread.. but then again, I didn't want to miss a shot at the next street, and the next and the next…if you're bored of the usual places in Singapore, make sure you take a stroll around these streets one evening. You'd be surprised at how much it can offer you, and I'm directing this to my fellow Singaporean readers! I guess in one way or another, no matter how much I've complained about Singapore being so boring, I'll always stumble across yet another surprise and I'm glad I got to expereince this. Thank you, Franz, for the lovely time! Always a pleasure shooting with you!