Nothing standing in our way


Blouse from Mango, Blazer tucked into skirt, (I'm trying to get a few more to share!), gold pleated skirt, shopmissingavenue, loafers, Topshop, Chanel 2.55 handbag.

Anyone who has followed my blog long enough would know that I've always struggled with what to wear every Sunday to Church growing up. It got really bad to an extent that I felt I was judged for it and I hated it so much I went through a phase where I even wore flip-flops and jeans every weekend. Not that I hated the idea of dressing up for God, I love to. But sometimes, what others deem as modest might not be the same for myself. Maybe I think its good enough for me that I make the effort. I'm not saying my church is made up of really judgemental adults but I'll not deny that I grew up thinking that way. Now that I've grown out of this whole phase, it feels great to be able to cover up once in awhile, put on a nice dress (I've been buying so many lately, I have to share them with you!) with a simple silouhette and go to church comfortably. I think I've gotten more compliments over the past year than anything and its a great feeling, trust me- When you see people who you thought only cared about pointing out every flaw you have from the way you carry yourself in terms of speech, dress, body language and behaviour, start to actually appreciate what you wear and what you do (to a certain extent I think they still think I'm crazy with this whole fashion school and blog thing but they're slowly getting used to it and getting more supportive as each week passes), you just have something to keep you smiling to yourself all day and be thankful for. I used to have to run to the bathroom and cry after hearing what these adults had to say and I'm glad I can kiss these days goodbye and it only gets better. I've some of the most supportive friends from church who has been helping me with my blog and not forgetting my dad who actually drove me around after service today to shoot these. He's amazing that way and I thank God for him.


Its been extremely warm and humid these few days and I thought I was crazy to even have the idea of layering but I did. I tucked in this blazer over another floral blouse I recently acquired and paired it with my favourite new skirt and loafers. Beautiful day nevertheless! Ended it baking earl grey cupcakes with lemon buttercream, perfect. Every Sunday needs to be like this.

*PS, I've updated the store!