With Spring approaching, I thought what better way to celebrate than to get new highlights at Salon Vim again! Ivan introduced me to 'SOMPTUEUX', LO'real' Professionel's take on paying tribute to artisan hairdressers who take couture techniques into consideration with the most meticulous detail. The uniformity seen between haute couture and hair throughout this Spring/Summer 2012 collection has allowed hair to become an artisan masterpiece on its own and honestly I am nothing but lost for words.

The whole idea behind it is made out to be a ground breaking process but its actually so simple. The hands who revolutionized fashion (Think Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga) with extreme attention to fit and detail in the world of Haute Couture is the main inspiration behind the entire collection- From attributes like draping, dyeing, embellishments, ironing and weaving which are common between Haute Couture and hairdressing, a trip now to the salon becomes a once in a lifetime experience.


I personally loved this fresh new outlook towards hair, drawing inspiration from French excellence never once crossed my mind. These people are geniuses! For my own hair, Ivan applied a light base colour technique which is perfect for anyone with long hair. While long natural hair or grown out highlighted hair usually mean that midlengths and ends are lighter than the roots, this light base technique is a somewhat like a dip-dye but only a gazillion times better, you'd be amazed at how much thought is put into it. My hair can now be divided into three sections, the colour gradually getting softer and lighter as it goes down. From Majirel's Dark Brown to a Iridescent Red Brown to a Copper Blonde at the ends. This technique definitely makes anyone who's been wanting to do a dip-dye but feel too scared to jump into the risk of looking like your hair has been dipped into a bucket of paint feel a lot more confident. Remember this post? It was a fresh new change for me and I got so much compliments but I cried and locked myself in for 2 days. Thats something for hair you don't get used to. No kidding when I say you gotta try this one. Its pretty amazing. Ivan has been a real sweetheart doing something new and refreshing to my hair but still making sure I was comfortable throughout every step of the process. Its a real skill seeing these stylists gathered behind your hair in serious discussion about making a technique suit our asian skintones.

Simple to say, loving my new do would be an understatement. Its CRAZY. I still am lost for words. Coming from someone who knows absoultely nothing about hair, I actually feel the difference…the highlights not only look more natural but they compliment my skin. We ended the evening with a 3-step LO'real Fiberceutic treatment with powerdose colour and masque, to allow the highlights to set in and last long while still maintaining soft, luscious hair.


Went home with a couple of products from LO'real's vitamino shampoo and conditioner to protect the hair from the colouring plus a mythic oil- pretty much like the perfect moisturizer.

Anyway! Great news for those who have been wanting to visit Salon Vim! They're giving free treatment to one lucky winner every week for the whole of April thru May who will be entitled to a Series Nature treatment. All you got to do is go to Salon Vim's fan page and:
-Share and like this special
-Take a screenshot of your profile
-Comment on the "Series Nature" Album on Salon Vim stating "I WANT FREE HAIR TREATMENT SALON VIM!

& you're ready to roll!! Winners will be chosen every Friday so good luck! So book your appointments with Ivan now! Salon vim is located at 313 Somerset #04-07/08/09. My readers get a 10% off!

*PS In my favourite new dress, I went overboard and got them in three colours for myself and also to stock up on the store (I'm going to get to it, I promise) Next week, I'll be almost done with another year at school and I absolutely cannot wait to party, have major cookouts and go on crazy adventures with the loves of my life. So much to share till then!