Just back from a whirlwind of a super long weekend in Bangkok, it was crazy but so much fun and I got to really experience so much I never did in all my trips to Thailand. The amazing cafe culture is so good it would blow your socks off! It definitely did for me. We wanted to be able to relax and enjoy the city and the shops and of course, the familar faces. I'll definitely have to update my guide again if I get another trip in the coming 2 months! Nigel shot these of me last weekend at the abandoned estate I've spoken about on the blog a couple of times, you can check it out here. I was showing him around and we thought it would be prefect to shoot a couple of looks together. Everything I'm wearing is from W.A.R- What I love so much about being able to work with these guys is the fact that they bring in basics that anyone would pass off as 'not very blog- worthy' or kind of 'everyday wear' and 'very common', but what Jordus and his team does so well is actually putting these 'basics' together to create key looks for each season. The pink shorts felt like a perfect hint of summer and come on, everyone needs a white blazer, and having said that, everyone needs a cropped blouse too. The blazer is slightly thin and loosely fitted, which is great for the weather here in Singapore and I can't wait to pair it with a slip dress or other mini kind of shorts my wardrobe is seemingly overflowing with. They're perfect for casual days and ready for last minute preps to hit any crazy night out you have in mind. Biggie thanks to Jordus for picking out this look for me, you know me too well!