Denim cut-offs, Topshop, floral blazer, shopmissingavenue, Isabel Marant wedges.


Mango blouse, H&M sequin clutch

I love how its probably the most obvious aesthetic option to get a cute print in every piece of clothing its available in and just nice that Stephie's Shop sent me this matching bustier and skirt I've been obsessed with ever since. I mean really, I love the print even though I look like a plant wearing it as a set. And I love that they're individually really basic pieces that look great with tons of stuff in anyone's wardrobe. If you're as casual as me, it would probably go with anything. I think I've been going kind of crazy with florals lately, hence the clashing of prints in quite a number of posts recently but I think its made me appreciate prints a lot more in general and getting me all excited for a real summer somewhere nice. But sidetracking, I'm waiting for a day when its cool enough for me to actually really layer with these pieces. The skirt makes me want to sleep in it with cute sweaters and collar shirts. You know its only right….

Its been an insanely good past week and my pal, Nigel was such a darling to shoot these for me yesterday. Hope you like these as much as I do. And thank you again for this obsession, Stephie's Shop!