Not that I'm a fan of Singapore's beloved fruit but now that I've posed with it in front of a camera, its only right that I now call myself a Singapore girl. I'll be honest and say that I have hated this fruit pretty much my entire life, the stench and crazy amount of calories a seedling alone can give off is a lot more than one could ask for. I think I'd stick to fried chicken a hundred times over. No idea how I even ended up here or how these got taken, but my dad and I were just going around shooting pictures and I found myself playing with the cashier of a fruit stall and soon enough, I realised this pink sweater and awesome skirt (is awesome- Crocs and palm trees? Definitely awesome) made the perfect contrast. I am actually so in love with these! I now call this my durian outfit.


Wearing a skirt from H&M, shopmissingavenue sweater and H&M sequined clutch. Hope everyone had a great Labour day!