Smoked Salmon potato cakes


I am actually so behind on blog posts but I haven't been at my best despite it being a relatively good weekend. I definitely needed a short break so of course I had to go back to the kitchen to make myself feel a little better, also with tons of prayer and reading 'The Secret' and now my latest addition, 'The Magic'….I believe I can use the Law of Attraction to a even better and more positive me! (Heehee) Today's late brunch was smoked salmon potato cakes topped with a poached egg that turned out perfect for a first timer like me. I am not an eggy person. This is such a delicious little meal and it brought me so much joy photographing the yolk oozing over the potato cakes. And even more joy sinking my teeth into this baby. Yum…. That said, I am working on a little project over this vacation period and I'm left with 2 months to compile some of my favourite recipes into my own little cookbook, if all goes well I might print a few copies to giveaway on the blog! It will also be great if you have any recipe suggestions for me.

I'll be back to proper blogging, tomorrow. Promise, See you then!