Spring showers


2 favourites from last week's shoot I did with local store, RunwayBandits for their key items this month. Shot by the amazingly talented Amanda W. Apart from summery florals, expect everything from psychedelic prints to sweet little church dresses and short shorts over the upcoming weeks. This pairing of the blouse with the shorts and pullover was an obvious favourite, anything that reminds me of summer always will be. The fact that I do think the first image will give a lot of my readers the truth (that I really am not stick thin!) does also make me feel slightly better but weirded out at the same time (I'm sensitive, you pretty much get the drift). I guess its good though. Over the past year with blogs popping up in every milisecond all over the cyber world, I've been making sure that whatever is posted on this blog has stayed true to its content and I really genuinely hope it has. And I do mean everything. In one way or another, even though weight can be a struggle on my side at times (I love fried chicken after 9), I'll be honest. I'll only tell you guys the truth about everything (if its a subject brought forward on this space), this I promise. This is a deal I made with my blog and thank you everyone for your feedback on everything recently. You have no idea how much it means to me!!

Check out the rest of the lookbook I collaborated with RunwayBandits here. They've a giveaway ongoing at the moment so be sure to take part, good luck! Stay safe kitties. xx.