What I wore to the gardens when Sherman and I shot the looks for the webstore earlier this week. A tad too overdressed but I like to tell myself theres never a reason not to dress up, and we hadn't met in ages so that seemed like a good enough excuse for me. Basically, a day in one of my favourite jackets will always be a good one. Its dramatic how there are seemingly endless ways to style this jacket alone and I've at least worn it thrice over the week. Promise me you won't judge. Love that I got it a few sizes larger hence the ultra long sleeves. There has been a specific recurring trend in my wardrobe for anything fringe but I bet you already knew that. Also gotta thank Mel (finally someone the same age as me with the same name!) from Pinned Up Closet who sent me this blouse which instantly made me a feel a whole lot better that I didn't have to pair this outfit with a boring old top. Everyone knows I have a weakness for sequinned little minis and this was perfect just on its own! The heat wasn't half as lovely as the evening light that gave these pictures the glow it examplifies but nevertheless, Sherman and I are definitely a team. Hi if you see this! Wearing a Topshop jacket and clutch, shopmissingavenue flare pants, Pinned Up Closet sequined blouse and Steve Maddel heels.

*PS Not sure if its because its 5am but I think I just realised the whole point of this post should be the pants. Just because I'm always wearing black and fringe so why am I talking so much?
*PPS Thank you Ivan from Salon Vim for the new hair, I love it!

/Edit: Just updated the store!