I know I look like I'm naked if its not for the blazer but I promise on my life that if you took it off, I am very, very decently dressed. But then again, I'm all about the shoes today. I spent my Sunday breaking in these Isabel Marant Zora wedges which fit like a dream. Boys think they're just HUGE and bizzare while my dad just thinks I'm crazy but I know he secretly believes its good protection- well in all honesty as heavy and chunky these bad boys are, they're lovely to actually walk in. Takes getting used to but they are perfect. I'd say if you're on the look out for the perfect pair of clogs and Celine is seemingly too out of reach for now (all gone on ebay, I swear), these really are perfection. Just make sure you get the right size though. Getting a size up won't hurt. Been stroking and smiling at them all day, I don't think shoes have ever made me this happy before. This has made my year. Get them here.