Old School Favourites


Zara shirt, H&M scalloped shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Soiree heels, Chanel 2.55 handbag.

One of the things I enjoy doing with my dad over the weekend is driving out of the city to Johor Bahru in Malaysia- With Singapore consistently bringing down the old to welcome the new, I feel like so much of Singapore's heritage and culture is torn apart and replaced with glittery, new apartments or shopping malls, much of which we don't actually need. My dad wanted to get a cheap and quick haircut today so he brought me to the barber, made me wonder how much of these are actually left here in Singapore…I think I can actually count with my fingers. For about 5 bucks, you get a haircut, or a shave with a quick and very loud massage accompanied by hearty bollywood tunes I bopped my head to while watching the pops get his cut. It was fun watching these cute old men snip away with their scissors or just having really random loud conversations with their customers. Too bad my dad's pretty quiet to chat with. A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to shoot with the nicest malay barber here in Little India who was sporty enough to pose for the camera with me. Just think of it- its a matter of time before he might actually be gone too. But then again, its pretty amazing how in just a few roads away, you are able to find yourself in a whole new environment and get lost in yet another identity Malaysia has to offer. Something I've always appreciated during all my road trips. The moment you step out of a glossy mall, you're back to old school. I like that. Also a plus point that every angle you turn to is kind of like an Instagram worthy shot!


I ended my lovely morning with some prawn noodles and asian-styled peanut pancakes. Thick, fragrant broth with sweet prawns and pork strips accompanied by springy yet soft to the bite noodles. This is a pretty common bowl of noodles with soup you can easily find in Singapore but the ones in Johor are my favourite- I also think they've become the only ones I ever eat. Yumz.