Sydney has been wet and unexpectedly cold, the news reported that yesterday was the one of the wettest days Sydney has ever experienced over the past 5 years and just our luck because we had actually driven out to the Blue Mountains for a little hike and to catch a glimpse of the Three Sisters. Touristy stuff as usual. But the fog was so bad we couldn't see a thing and our hike had to be cut short because it had been too wet and cold. At the very least I can say that the weather is finally starting to look up! Its like hormones, one moment its sunshine that makes your eyes squint and the next you're wet and freezing. Nevertheless, I've been to the city a couple of times on vacation growing up and the past few days has made me realized how much I've really missed this place. Made me remember how it would get so dark in the winter and the shops are all closed by 5 so my family and I would run to the supermarket to buy dinner to get cooking. The architecture here is actually so stunning and even if the weather is crap, its always nice being able to be seated around a table with hot homey food and the best company. We've had so much lovely wine I get all floaty way before dinner time and am convinced this trip might make me an alcoholic. And who cares if things are a little slow? This is a real holiday with real people allowing me to experience a whole new perspective of this gorgeous city and I am so thankful to be a part of this. Can't believe I haven't been back in so long.