Visiting the suburbs in Sydney inspired me to shoot with horses for my hairdo I got in Salon Vim just before leaving Singapore. The laid back lifestyle living an hour away from the busy city was a nice change I've needed and the perfect way to experience Australia after so many years of not coming back. Being able to take a seven minute drive from home to some of Australia's most famous beaches was definitely a luxury I was more than thankful for. I was introduced to LO'real's 'SOMPTUEX' a couple of months ago by Ivan which kind of left me lost for words. The thought of how hair can be articulated in such a comprehensive manner was overwhelming but with the help of my ever so patient stylist, I've come to understand and appreciate its benefits.


For something more natural, we decided on Majirel's 'Very Light Golden Brown' for my highlights, while the base of my hair is Majirel's "Dark Brown". I shan't bore you with the technical details but if you want to learn more about LO'real's 'SOMPTEUX', read my previous post here. This process of highlighting hair usually involves 3 sections, with each colour gradually getting softer and lighter as it goes. However, using the same technique, my highlights are hidden inside my hair to compliment my curls so as to give a more natural finishing with my beachy waves.


Such techniques can also leave hair dry and damaged but thankfully, with Redken's new Chemistry Intense Hair Treatments, my hair is as good as new! This treatment is an exclusive professional in-salon serivce which offers intense, customized treatments for whatever your hair needs. Whether it is strength, moisture, colour protection, softness, colour control or a combination of whatever your hair is experiencing, you get to squeeze shots of each specific treatment into a cocktail shaker and shake away! So much fun I was laughing all the way. The thought of making a personalized cocktail just for my hair seemed too cool and I was more than pleased with the results. The treatment has covered all my hair needs in just one session. You can check out photos on my Instagram (meowiie!) for a rough idea of how my experience looked liked.


Hope you girls enjoyed this as much as I did! Dakota was the most beautiful pony I've ever gotten so personal with and being able to ride on her in the most authentic way possible by using a bucket to climb onto her and pulling her mane for support was an experience I will never forget. It has been a dream come true and I am so glad to be able to be a part of this! Get your hair done by my love, Ivan, at Salon Vim today! Salon vim is located at 313 Somerset #04-05/06/07. Call 688477577 to book your appointments with Ivan now. Mention the blog and get a 10% off. And pssssst!!! Salon Vim is currently doing a promotion for the Redken's Chemistry Intense Hair Treatments, from now thru the end of next month you get a 30% off for a personalized hair cocktail don't delay! Book your appointments today!

*Pps thank you Margaret for making this possible! And thank you to my dear aunt for shooting this!