This is what I call an epic salad. Its my kind of happy so I thought I'll share how I did it. You'll need all your favourite ingredients and in my case it was a gorgeous fillet of salmon, bacon, pear and rocket leaves. Avocado is actually one of my favourite combinations to go with salmon but I think it was too much for this dish.


Shave your pears! Chop the bacon into tiny bits and cook them in olive oil on a pan till light and crisp. Likewise, you cook the salmon to your liking. I simply seasoned mine with salt, some herbs and TONS of pepper as you can see (I love it), grilled mine on the same pan with the olive oil and bacon juices for a couple of minutes of each side. When its done, you remove the fish from the pan and add a bit of balsamic to the oil in the pan. There's your perfect dressing already. Combine the bacon, pear and rocket before drizzling your dressing on the salad. Toss and plate up- serve it with the salmon on top. Dive in and enjoy because this made me tear a little. It was fucking heaven.