Awhile ago, I collaborated with Franz to shoot a lookbook for Curated Editions' extensive jewellery collection- Stepping into the showroom and getting spoilt for choice with an endless array of colourful shiny things on a Thursday afternoon kind of made my week. Honestly, I've always found myself too lazy to accessorize properly, just because I'm always in a hurry and tend to forget- so I'm always fumbling about with getting jewellery on myself but the whole experience has kinda changed things for me. Its now a cross between endlessly stacking them around my neck and fingers or finding the one staple piece of jewellery I know can last me through an entire season. Especially with the flush of neons Curated has been carrying which the world is so in love with, Curated is all about the bold and the eccentric. Allowing the other half of Curated, Angie, to one by one introduce me to the entire collection and then picking out my key pieces to shoot with was nothing more than my very first authentic accessorizing moment. Because their pieces are inspired by street style, Franz and I decided that it would be perfect to shoot the lookbook with extremely wearble pieces that would compliment my everyday wardrobe. Too much fun, thank you for having me guys! Check out Curated Editions on Facebook.