Pasta in a jar.

You know the whole idea about portable food is so much fun when picnics or carepacks come to mind- I loved the thought of being able to have real proper food on the go. Not little snacks like a sandwich or salad, but pasta seemed ideal. When I say real food I do mean something proper like even a full on roast made into a quesadilla. Pretty much close to a ragu, this is everything I've needed for my kind of a snack. Ground beef, mushrooms, melty cheese and a paprika infused tomato base. I'm not close enough to following strict rules like an italian but the joy of cooking for yourself really is doing it however way you like. This was a whole lot of fun to make and even more fun packing. Get a small piece of square cloth and wrap it over the lid of your jar with a rubberband and tie some string. Once it holds itself, snip off the rubberband and insert a disposable fork at the side. If its for someone special, why not include a little note as well?
I've done the whole food in a jar thing too many times but its been a definite favourite. Try cupcakes, salad, and even soup in a jar. Have fun and spread the love!

This recipe is available in the recipe cards…so if you'd like a copy, be sure to leave your comments here and tell me what it is that makes you so happy about food. Its been a joy reading your comments so keep them coming! x