Shanghai kind of Morning.


Photos by Sherman

Just coming off from a pretty good past few days, I've been enjoying my own company and it hasn't been any better spending alone time in the kitchen or laying down on the couch with my favourite songs on repeat, singing out real loud. Thats me. These photos clearly demonstrate how badly I want to visit China, but only for the right reasons. I'm not loving how the dress blends in with the photo to the extent that I almost look like a bride but love the location, love the dress…maybe they're just not meant to be together in my case since I'm probably the most asian looking person I know. The whole thing just screams…China you know? Nevertheless I love how the photos turned out. Wish we could have been there slightly earlier so I wouldn't be squinting away from the sun. The dress was the perfect fit, the colour wasn't something I normally would go for but it felt like a nice change so I tried it out. And who said anything about not wearing gowns in the morning anyway?