You probably saw this one coming..I mean..I had to come back! Spending my weekends loitering around colleges is kinda my thing to do especially when they're deserted because I tend to go crazy. I got this super adorable daisy cap from the super adorable Ployy from Thailand- visited her little store which was also cute beyond words and I've actually been thinking about this cap for quite more than I should so I emailed her first thing I got back in Singapore after my trip to make sure I had my share of this cuteness overload. These Zara shorts were from past season and I've had them for awhile now but sadly never got to photographing them, the print is rather overhyped right now with the blouse popping up every where I go and it kinda makes me go ughhh why did I pay $160 for the full set. Its weird for me but I think I've come to really appreciate this print on these shorts only yesterday while I wore them. Before that I was like blah, they're just nice to look at and I'm not gonna stop myself from liking them just because everyone has them but now I love the print and how well it goes with yellow- all cheerful and summery, its pretty much my kind of happy.

Threw on these sneakers just to dress for the occasion since I had already made plans with Hazel to come back to the school's stadium. Can't complain about these pics can I? This girl did a sick job and I think this could be one of my favourite sets I'm gonna cling on to for abit.