'Coastes Freeze', Beef ribs with honey mayonnaise and QP Pizza- Coastes Singapore, 50 Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

Being reunited with my penpal and best friend after two whole years of emails has been the perfect way for me to end my 3 months off school. Honestly, it has felt like an extended holiday and I couldn't have been happier when this babe told me she was coming back. Of all the things we have been conversing about, we have decided the food is of the utmost importance. Even in the middle of deep chats about boys and life on the other side, Sophie decides to most randomly send me pictures of chocolate brownies and oreo cakes that she gets off the Londoner just because they look 'perfect'. Food has been our happy pill. Otheriwse we just come up with the sillest terms to name ourselves, like a drowned rat who has just returned from the bathroom or my boyfriend is a sausage in a suit. Our ability to fall back into this closeness astounds me but I couldn't imagine it any other way.