X-Tenso Magic


Not sure how many noticed but I got a haircut awhile ago, last month to be exact. Time flies so quick it feels like just yesterday I was at Salon Vim getting my hair done. To keep it short, I actually got the upper half of my hair straightened, including my fringe with LO'real's X-tenso Moisturist which is a new long lasting smoothing service. I know I say straightening but I promise its far different from rebonding. For a first, I didn't have to go near a straightening iron (Thank God!). Basically, the X-tenso Moisturist is a chemical smoothing treatment which significantly reduces frizz and unruly volume into smooth, shiny and soft locks. With smoothed and straightened hair, your hair is not only more manageable but also shiny and polished.

The whole idea of X-tenso is really a styling aid because you no longer need to blow-dry your hair which not only saves so much time but also makes it much easier to style naturally curly or wavy hair. It really just is a magical smoothing process, I personally didn't think it really 'straightened' my hair but it definitely did a whole lot to reducing the frizz and making parts of my hair like my fringe (with baby hair -blehh) manageable and softer with an added sleekness.

My hair is not only more manageable, it also looks great in any up-do. Less frizz!

This treatment which costs from approximately $200 depending on your hair length takes about an hour to get voer and done with at the salon. Its a 2-step process which first involves combing through the X-tenso moisturizer through your hair. It then stays on for the next 10 to 20 minutes depending on the thickness of your hair. After a thorough rinse, a neutralizing cream is then applied for a couple of minutes before a final rinse.

Having my hait up in a bun all day can leave it dry and frizzy but Redken's Chemistry Intense treatments have saved me so much trouble and time.

This of course is great because I not only save myself a lot of time but also I get to spend more time with Ivan discussing on how I should get my highlights refurbished. This month, I chose to keep it simple and just stick with Majirel's 'Very Light Reddish Brown' while the rest of my hair is really just a very dark brown. Afterwhich I got my hair treated with Redken's Chemistry Intense Hair treatments, remember I was raving on about getting a personalized cocktail for my hair on Twitter/Instagram and in the last post? My hair gets so distressed from all the intense colouring and chemical processes it goes through now and then, this treatment is perfect. I know I said I was more than plased with the results the first time I did it but with LO'real's X-tenso, together with this treatment by Redken, the past couple of weeks with my new hair has been shocking for my standards. I've always felt that bad hair runs in my fmily but I really have to thank Ivan this time because I have never felt so different before, the haircut with the lighter and healthier looking hair was something I very much needed.

The treatment leaves my hair with a sheen allowing it to look smooth and shiny.

Having said that, Salon Vim is giving away 2 Redken Chemistry treatments every week! And that is not all, a monthly winner will be given the grand prize of $500 worth of products and hair service vouchers to be used in the salon. So really, cmon….what are YOU waiting for? All you need to do is head on to Salon Vim's Facebook page and 'Like and Share' the album featuring this giveaway and you stand a chance to win!


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