Shot these a couple of days ago with Tingzhi who was back in Singapore for her vacation off school, this talented young lady was behind the illustration for my banner I'm sure most of you have seen here and is doing great things in London in art school (In the prestigious Central Saint Martins to be exact). Honestly, she always gets me pretty excited with her little projects I see on Instagram or Facebook. So while she was back, she made a couple of cute tops and asked if I could wear them and shoot a couple of pics so I jumped at the chance. What Tingzhi had came up with was beyond cute for words- with a towel, some cotton, plastic toy beads and colourful zippers, she did a couple of variations- from the 'Exciting Top that can be Worn Two Ways' and the 'Unique Top Made from Beads and Towels" . These are available for customizations if you wish to have a piece! This girl can do anything so don't be shy to ask! Details here. And to check out what else she's up to, follow her on tumblr!