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I am a huge fan of Dim Sum and will never say no to an opportunity to sink my teeth into these little golden goodies as I like to call them. Swee Choon has been around for ages, and I have no friggin idea why it took me THIS long to visit the place. I've had great dim sum all over Singapore before (If I recommended every one of them I might start a Dim Sum blog)  but what makes this place stand out to me so far is how 1) affordable everything is 2) everything is served in big portions 3) quick the service is despite the overflow people visiting the restaurant. Of course, having said that, taste is more important. I'd say every place has its own specialities and for Swee Choon, I especially loved the golden tofus at the top left. They were nothing like I've ever had and the pork floss sprinkled over the top were little bundles of joy as I placed each little morsel into my mouth. I was in heaven. And to be very honest, the entire time I had spent eating my dinner was heaven. Everything was delicious and nothing tasted bad at all. Ally and I were so happy to be there that we felt kind of sad that the highlight of our day was over when we had to leave. You know that feeling.....where you look forward to this meal so so much. And gobble it down till before you know it, you just...wanna cry because it all gone.. Bahahaha I'm such a drama queen but that is me, literally. The custard buns were another favourite but probably not as good as another of my Dim Sum hangouts I visit often, I'll share more on that next time but for now…Swee Choon, we go! Swee Choon is located at 183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar Singapore 208882.