Lady Dior As Seen by Garance

Everyone knows my obsession with handbags, and of course the special bond I have with one of my favourite cities that is Tokyo. I've always loved the Lady Dior for its understated elegance and its just..too cute in my opinion. We recently acquired the bag in a large and gorgeous deep red from the Dior store in Paris and I've been meaning to share this video for ages so I thought what better timing. Garance's brings the iconic bag together with so much of Japanese heritage and culture I thought this was the perfect way of reinventing the classic and giving it fresh new perspective. It's everything about the city and the people and their dedication towards their work. And its nice to know that bag went on a true Tokyo holiday! Though I'd admit I didn't really like what the last artist did to the bag…Nonetheless! Perfection….Way to go Dior! For such an innovative way of reintroducing one of my favourite handbags of all time. Definitely got me off my seat and made me miss Tokyo even more.