Teamed up with maryjulian to come up with a couple of looks from their Fall/Winter collection. Their vision is simple: a juxtaposition of femininity and androgyny. I’ve paired rather structured pieces with girly elements from my wardrobe. A bit of vintage and the effortless ‘I don’t really care about what I’m wearing’ look. My favourite is definitely the swimsuit I’ve paired up with these candy striped shorts and the full white look. I’ve been extremely drawn to white lately and I apologize but its gonna be showing up on this space for quite a bit. As the brand states, this collection is all about strong details or cuts mixed with soft, flowy drapes. Hope you like the looks...they took barely anytime to put together but that’s the fun part! Learn more about maryjulian here. 

IMG_0370 IMG_0336 IMG_0270  IMG_0293 IMG_0278 IMG_0375 IMG_0479 IMG_0346

The striped shorts, white studded collared shirt and vest in black and beige are all ℅ of the brand. Everything else I'm wearing is either vintage, from shopmissingavenue or random stuff I've collected over my travels. Have a great weekend!