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This post is long overdue but here's a little update on what's been going on with my hair from my last visit to Salon Vim. Ivan tried a brand new technique of highlights called Satus on my hair, you can see for yourself how different these highlights are, especially for me. The thing about these highlights is how they're able to fold in with the rest of my hair and still look so natural as a whole. In the past I've always felt like highlights had their limitations whenever I wanted something that looked natural and wouldn't clash with my clothing choices (it happened a bit with red highlights but they were a great experience nonetheless) but these have been so much more than what I've asked for! They're great, my base colour was also darkened so it was something different from the past couple of months. Ivan did a great job, I love it. And as usual I did my favourite Redken cocktail chemistry treatment, just to remind those of you who might be going huh? Cocktail? It's the one where its mixed and created just like the cocktail (shakin away!) based on your hair condition. Its customized for you with 6 different shots from the distress your hair might be facing that mainly focuses on: 

1) Chemical Distress: Caused by overuse of chemical services such as hair colour, bleaching and lightening, perming or straightening

2) Mechanical Distress: Caused by the usual wear and tear our hair goes through during daily activities which include blow-drying, curling, ironing and brushing.

I've mentioned the treatment several times on the blog so I'm not going to go any further on the details but if you happen to visit Salon Vim, the stylists will be more than happy to tell you more. Salon Vim is located at 313 @ Somerset, Orchard Road, #04-07/08/09. Call 68847757 or 68847767 to book an appointment with Ivan today, mention the my name or the blog to get a 10% off all hair services! 

Clothing-wise, I'm wearing American Apparel riding pants I can't wait to wear more from. They're soooo perfect in terms of the fit, the drive I made Sam do to Downtown L.A to visit the AA factory last summer was totally worth the trip. I'm looking forward to get a few more colours for travelling during the winter. They're sort of classic and go well with everything, and real comfy (great for long-haul flights if you ask me). Feels almost like second skin. Sad that this was only my second time wearing them, I don't even understand how that's remotely possible……but rekindled love is always a good kind of love, right? Photos by my lovely Rachel