Topshop blouse, Leather skirt, Mini Mulberry Alexa, Zara coat

I've always been wearing this skirt but it never got it's much deserved recognition on the blog. I am bad at directions so we shot these at a whim while trying to find the bus stop to get to work…pretty much involving running about downtown and stopping at wherever feels like a photo-worthy spot. My past week being with Solestruck has been amazing and I've been able to be part of the creative team assisting for their upcoming holiday lookbook which was a lot of fun. Then came that moment I believe will always be imprinted in my memory….Henry gave me a tour around the office and the warehouse and before I knew it, in front of me were thousands and thousands of shoe boxes…mountains of shoes.. I felt like an ant and got lost in this maze but I was in fucking paradise. We picked out a couple of styles that morning to do the video for Black Friday, so much fun but honestly looks harder than it seems to dance and jiggle about in crazy shoes in front of the camera in an orderly fashion. If you want to see the video, here. (I'm the one in the dotted tights!)  Hope're you're all prepped up for Solestruck's biggest sale of the year which starts…now! 50% off all sale items weeeehoo. I love crazy sales that these Americans do!


I'll be sharing my experience being in Portland here and also on the Solestruck blog, my first post is up  and I promise to try my best to make all my posts different and as fun as possible. So thrilled!