Checking out of the vintage


I arrived in Portland over the weekend and have been trying to get used to America all over again. School requires us to do a really short internship and I asked my friend, Ty, if I could come over and he said yes! So I'm here, ready to take it all in and experience being a part of America's trendiest shoe company. My journey with Solestruck begins here and I'm excited to be able to share it with everyone on the blog. Portland has been incredibly wet and cold, but Sunday morning saw a bit of sunshine as I checked out from my stay at The Vintage before we made our way up to check out the scenic routes up in the mountains. Everything has been beautiful so far and the people I've been so lucky to meet have been incredible and so accomodating, making my stay here something I look forward to as I take each day step by step. Life the past few weeks have been so crazy but I am so excited to be here!