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Nike was so kind to invite a few of us (Thanks Cecelia and Tina!) to try out a few of their hyperthermal   products, their latest technology for keeping warm and working out in the cold. I was greeted by a locker full of limited edition goodies ℅ of the brand. I had no idea Nike started out in Portland which seems really cool now and everyone I meet seems to have something to do with the brand! This was in collaboration with the US national women's soccer team's victory tour here in the states and they had a friendly match with Ireland which of courrrseee my gurls won 5-0. I believe me screaming enthusiastically and waving with mah giant hand played a part. I was so excited to be able to attend my very first US soccer game here! Part of the true Portland spirit is being able to attend a game and enjoying some beer over dinner from a food truck (my first food truck experience was fantastic!) and we got to meet some of the players the night before during their practice session. My girl crush, Megan Rapinoe, was such a babe taking pictures and giving us autographs. To be very honest, I know absolutely nothing about soccer so everything was a first for me but it was soo much fuuuun! And thank you again Nike Soccer for putting everything together for us, I finally have the best excuse to work out in the cold! Wearing Topshop denim shorts, a shopmissingavenue shirt, Dolce Vita boots ℅ of Solestruck when I first guest blogged for them and my new Nike hyperthermal USA jacket which kept me soo warm.