Portland has emerged as a full-fledged dining destination and it makes me so happy to be able to get a taste of the food from one of America's most delicious cities. That might be a weird way to describe Portland but the city is weird like that and I love it! Apart from food carts on every other street around the city, the burgeoning restaurant scene is crazy. This city is serious about their food.
Over the weekend, I visited Broder for brunch and I soon found out that everyone who visits the place describes it as a breakfast dream and it really is. The super cozy cafe is everything about Scadinavian aesthetic but much more fun. The Portland obsession of going out to brunch is taken into consideration but a more refined and continental way. I thought I was going to expect a menu full of typical breakfast favourites and lots of eggs but I was so wrong.  The menu includes traditional Swedish breakfast boards and other favourites like their Swedish hash with smoked trout and signature Danish pancakes- round, fluffy little morsels of heaven served with housemade lemon curd and lingonberry jam.
Our group of 6 girls sat at their bar which serves as a waiting area during their crazy lunch hours where you help yourself to mugs of coffee or tea to see you through the hour long wait before getting a table. But it was totally well worth it. One of the prettiest brunch platters I have ever been served definitely came from here. And duh, it was delicious. This was an authentic Scandinavian experience I will never forget. And to do Broder some justice, it felt like a Swedish summer in the midst of a cold, wet winter.

If you're in Portland, visit Broder at 2508 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR. 97255