A Little More Personal.

It's 3am and I'm sitting at home just kind of overwhelmed that it's already a new year. How did 2012 pass just like that? It's getting me rather emotional because I am not someone who takes the way I live my life easily. Every once in awhile, I go through that struggle where I'm faced with how I know I am not living right, not being thankful enough, not working hard enough…how much I end up hating me for losing myself in the process of achieving success and excellence. 2012 has taught me a lot, and one of the most important is definitely living in gratitude. I've always asked myself how people were able to be so happy with how little they had and it dawned on me that these people constantly remembered to give thanks and count their blessings. They always see things with a different, more positive kind of perspective and it really allowed me to tell myself that this was soemthing I had to do. Over the past month, I struggled with the fact that I do not deserve my life. Not that it's perfect in any way, but I've met people who struggle to make ends meet but never do, who work so hard but never get that break- in my life, I've never had to face anything traumatically severe or been faced with life or death situations. And I realised how lucky I really am. My blog has become a huge part of me in the process of finding myself, it's allowed me to document many of my fondest memories and brought me to places. I've been wanting to do much more and it upsets me that I haven't but I know things will get better. Every picture I have taken or kept is a memory, I have loved and lost many people in my life and am glad that technology is so advanced today that we can relive moments so easily. It's crazy how much the world has changed in good and possibly bad ways but nevertheless, here's to looking forward to a fantastic year of even more. And for all of you too! I love you all. 

Ps, thank God for Instagram for making this post possible. 


 I worked harder than I've ever seen myself work before in school and learnt a lot. For those who've always wondered, I major in fashion communications (now called media and industries), and I study a lot about the production of fashion publications and print. This year saw me behind the camera a lot, styling, directing, retouching,laying out and staring at my Macbook for 5 hours straight and watching my work crash in front of me…

Of course, it was because of school requiring us to do an internship that I tried my luck asking my friend, Ty, to let me intern in Portland for Solestruck. And without even an interview, he just replied, "Sure! We would love to have you!" and off I went, I was the company's very first international intern and the whole experience blew me away. But more on that later when I finally get to doing up my Portland photo diary.

Apart from Portland, I did some travelling. Mainly Sydney, Bangkok, Seattle, Tokyo and Malaysia.
I met a lot of new people who I am thankful and so blessed to be able to have in my life now, reconnected with old friends and just pretty much had a blast.
Did some crazy things for the sake of blogging:

Worked with some amazing people on amazing things:
Really cooked a lot..!
And even made my own set of recipe cards for friends/family/readers!
Fell a lot….
Finally did up shopmissingavenue properly!
& Sold A LOT of grab bags- thanks for all the support!
Got some cute shoes.. probably ten times more than what is pictured.
Turned 19!
Relived the kid in me and played Doctor, Doctor! Where I was the patient and my best friend was the doctor, I had cute visitors!
Finally did something brand new to my hair…℅ Salon Vim!
Took Missingavenue to a new level with a leap of faith!
And here's to a brand new start… keep believing, take risks and give thanks. Thank you to everyone who made my 2012 such a special one.