Shopmissingavenue sweater and jacket, Liberty Love cap, Topshop denim shorts, Verali heels, Balenciaga clutch

I guess being in Singapore, you'd more or less expect an outfit post to be on a lorry sooner or later. Thanks to my cutest classmate, Beby, who patiently took these for me! I'm currently working on revamping the blog and also getting the store set up again, so be sure to check back because I've some pretty cool stuff up for grabs! So caught up with school but have never been any happier with what I'm doing, blog-wise and school-wise. This year has started so well for me and I hope it has been the same for everyone else too. Happy weekend everyone!

Oh and ps* How great are these shoes? THIS is what I call elevated bare feet and surprisingly comfortable too. Sorry A Wang, but I really just had to.

Pps* New tresses! Thanks to the people at Salon Vim..my hair was starting to turn a little golden last month so I had my colour refurbished and love it even better now! More on that later.