Today's Tasty Tuesday is all about how to create your own fun at home while the shops are either way too busy prepping customers for the Lunar New Year or closed and you have nothing else to do. Invite your friends over for a pao party! For those who don't know what a pao is, it is basically a chinese steamed bun which you can either purchase with fillings or do your own, which is really what we got up to last week. I went a lil crazy and bought some korean bbq meat skewers to fill my buns in with chinese tea eggs. Also made a Singaporean favourite and also my personal asian dream dish of cereal prawns (pretty much the PERFECT combination of curry leaves, breakfast cereal and savoury prawns). Hosanna made garlic toufu chye sim buns and Ally made ice cream buns. Everything was delicious and I stuffed myself silly with 4 buns. Which really is A LOT. Paotastic is the perfect way to get your friends in the kitchen in cook together, and create personalized dishes to suit everyone's taste buds. Lay a mat on the floor and just sit around the hot steamed buns with your personalized fillings, eat, share and laugh = what more can anyone ask for? 

*Ps A lil late but to all my chinese readers, happy lunar new year! #huat