MAD NEST: 378/380 East Coast Road Singapore 428986


Shiro Maguro - White tuna smoked in sake
 Pitan Tofu - Tofu with century egg puree, topped with Salmon roe


Oishii Maki - Grilled eel & roasted salmon served with avocado & homemade mayo
Volcano Maki - Breaded prawn with spicy sauce


Jamon Iberico Croque Monsieur - Thinly sliced ham and gruyere cheese on oven-baked sandwich bread with mixed greens 
Smoked Salmon & Spinach Eggs Benedict - Premuim smoked salmon with avocado, wilted spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise on a toasted english muffin


Mushroom Soup - Truffle oil-scented forest mushroom puree


Butter Chicken Tikka - Boneless chicken prepared in mild, creamy, tomato-based sauce 
Paneer Saag - Spinach cooked with cottage cheese 
Garlic Naan & Tandoori Roti - Garlic-flavoured naan baked in tandoor & wholemeal bread baked in tandoor


I have the habit of eating nothing during the day when I have a gastronomical experience ahead of me. And to be very honest, I think my only intention of getting myself out of bed last Friday was this very fact as well. I'll go straight to the point and tell you that I love this place and would gladly travel across the country to come back. We were served 10 courses of Japanese, Italian-asian and North Indian dishes, each little morsel of food exploded into our mouths with nothing but happiness and nodding our heads in unison that this was the best dish we've had yet. Favourites included the chilli crab pasta which sadly isn't pictured because I conveniently forgot at the sight of lightly battered soft shell crab on top of perfectly swirled pasta with fresh crab in a spicy chilli sauce. And of course, what's a Singaporean- Japanese experience without shiok (a term we use to express our satisfaction in Singapore) maki? I might have to change my mind about favourites now because maybe the Jamon Iberico Croque Monsieur was it. Or no, the indian platter… I love that Mad Nest isn't just another fusion cafe with a large menu to satisfy anyone but that it has a purpose. Young emerging talents are given the opportunity to shine, from chefs to a lineup of artists, Mad Nest is all about eating, drinking and making art. All for a cause. Work displayed are available for sale and we got to have a look at the "I Love You So Mutt" exhibition of whimsically drawn pooches with proceeds going to a local animal shetler. I'm not sure about you but Mad Nest is the sort of place you lose track of time in. Whilst enjoying really good food, we caught up, laughed a lot and clinked our glasses to many different toasts that evening and it was pitch dark by the time we had left. Such a great time! Thank you to Darren from Uniform for the invitation.

Mad Nest is located at 380 East Coast Road, Singapore 428986.

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