Jeffrey Campbell Rubell Platforms, Wisteriea sweater, Marie Turnor leather lunch bag, necklaces ℅ Curated Editions

I've been so bad at blogging lately and I hate it! School's taken my life away as usual so bear with me for abit. Looking through posts, I realise I've been almost painfully girly, especially when I've been buying and pairing so much pastels lately (not documented but it's a headache). Spent a hefty amount on a new F/W pastel wardrobe I can't even promise I would wear but in case you're wondering, that's pretty much what I've been busy with at school lately. Its my Diploma year and I'm conceptualizing, styling, shooting and art directing an entire campaign alone and working with winter pastels can be quite the tough job especially when you end up snacking too much or dressing your model up to look like you..and subsequently start planning outfits for Spring vacations. Eeeeek!