Samsung Galaxy


Technology really does make the world a much smaller place doesn’t it? The Samsung GALAXY is all about that instant connectivity with the rest of the world, sharing your photos at almost any instant you want. The 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to Instagram anytime with great quality image (16 MP and 21X optical zoom) and other sharing capabilities conveniently allow anyone to instantly share photos through Dropbox, Share Shot and Buddy Photo Share, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of manually uploading and sending pictures to everyone. I’ll admit, this camera was a little much to handle for me at first, I use a camera only to shoot and being able to experience the endless possibilities the GALAXY Camera could do was a first for me. The AndriodTM 4.11 Jelly Bean allows smoother multi-tasking from being able to text message, download thousands of apps like any other android device, play any games you want…. Candycrush? Watch movies, multi-task.. it’s endless and it’s instant. Not to mention that the screen is MASSIVE. 4.8” HD SUPER CLEAR LCD Touch Display to be exact. The Expert Mode in the camera allows you complete control over ISO, aperture and shutter speed. While the Best Face mode allowed me to easily choose the photos I took.


Being here in Singapore, this camera is the perfect ideal for any Singaporean into social media. Samsung’s IWASTHERE campaign puts the favourite Singaporean equation together of our passion towards food, shopping, travel and music. With the GALAXY Camera, you’re constantly on the go. The campaign allows you to connect with other fans and your chance to win your own GALAXY Camera simply by liking, sharing or inviting your friends just through capturing the Desmond Tan event gallery


Like I mentioned before, I’m a die-hard DSLR girl but sometimes the extra pounds and aching shoulders just seem to put me off. It’s been ideal carrying it around when I’m not expecting to take any photos. There is always something worth documenting and my experience with Samsung definitely has done that, allowing me to keep so many memories from crazy nights and silly dates. This camera can almost replace my phone anytime… I’m not going to bore you with the rest of it’s pretty amazeballs features but you can feel free to check it out here.