I genuinely wish I took more photos here at Mex Out. Oh my god, I'd do anything for a good mexican meal, especially when it's a taco lunch or burrito. I can kiss the days I'd cry over not being able to find decent Mexican food in Singapore goodbye with more and more of these eateries popping out in our little city. Mex-Out was fun and super casual, I absolutely loved that my tacos (or in any case, your burritos, rice or salad bowls) could be customized just any way I liked it with delicious salsas and well-marinated proteins. I absoutely loved the chicken and beef. The place is of course inspired by Chipotle, an American influenced Mexican fast food joint that I have been dying to try but okay….in the U.S my friends are always taking me for the real deal so I've missed out alot on fast food chains…BUT STILL… everything is fresh  and delicious. I've recently had to stick to Baja Fresh (decent but overpriced for fast, over-the-counter food), another fast food chain from the U.S because it's so near school and they have the best mahi-mahi I've had so far, my only wish is for Mex-Out to soon venture into fish too and for the food to be served hot. Nontheless, loved the atmosphere, cozy sofas and the friendly staff. Can't wait to be back again for my taco-fix.

Learn more about Mex-Out here or visit them at 39 Pekin Street, Far East Square, Singapore 048769