The reason why I've always avoided blogging much about beauty is because I honestly suck at it, I constantly ask myself how in the world am I being a girl at times- all because I am too 'lazy' or have 'no patience'. Having said that, this is definitely not a beauty post. But it does cover some stuff to do with beauty. They're just small bit and pieces so stick around if you'd like to. Firstly. Lips. Where do I even begin. I have never been one to actually care about them and one of my very first kisses was put to an abrupt, and very awkward halt when my lips got too cracked and started bleeding in front of my then love….MY GOD. How romantic is that? Also, having anything on my lips is rarely in my make-up routine. Even I get lazy to moisturize but after what I experienced after my long winter abroad last year, it definitely got a lot better than cracked, bleeding lips.


So note, it is important to moisturize and I cannot emphasize that enough. As much as it still takes getting used to for me (anything on my lips is just weirdly part of the equation, lipsticks happen but quite rarely), I've actually been using Rosebud Salve for my lips and I was so happy Evon sent some to me. More! It does for more than just the lips if you bother to read up on it, I sometimes even have it on my little cuts and bruises. Kinda like Vaseline but better and nicer and..girlier.


Moving on to nails. I SUCK at painting them. This you HAVE to believe me. My friends get disgusted with me with my poor handiwork, an hour of having my tongue out and meticulously trying to get that perfectly rounded, smooth shiny surface is hard work and in my case, it gets destroyed within the first 5 minutes. So I always end up 2 hours later with a new set I get from an cheap express manicure. Even then, maybe I am not fated for pretty nails because I also get my manicured ones ruined within minutes leaving the store. I've resorted to only buying the kind of nail polish you never can go wrong with, glitter. Just…can never look bad.


Last week, Evon also kindly invited me to experience getting the prettiest nails done at Bellis Nail Spa, the brainchild behind local artistes Jesseca Liu and Ann Kok. I met Jesseca who is as radiant and beautiful as she looks on TV and was just so nice. I got my very first gel nail experience and I absolutely love it, espeically the part where it dries immediately under the UV lamp and I don't have to spend 30 minutes staring into space waiting for my nails to dry after the whole process. And I can do whatever I want after that no matter how rough I am, somehow these little trinkies or embellishments, whatever you wanna call them, don't fall off…. I am bemused and just kinda amazed. I love it that I can still cook without getting my nails destroyed because thats what always happens. I can just go on and on and on.. I guess it really is that awesome. My manicurist designed the above set for me after I randomly sent that a pic of what I was looking at. This is the second time I've ever had such pretty nails prior to my Miu Miu nails experience (that became ruined soon enough).


Sparkly nail polish! Some of the stuff Evon sent me, including the necklace I am wearing in the first photo at the top of the post! The fashion stylist has worked on various editorial publications in our little island and has went on to venture to e-commerce, Prowl, stocking up on some really cool accessories and beauty products. Expect some really statement costume jewellery and fun make-up curated by Evon herself. Currently, the site offers UK Make up brand, Models Own (LOVE this!), Smith's Rosebud Lipbud and Medusa. All purchases at Prowl entitle you to experience princess nails at Bellis Nails too, as Evon is offering a limited 20% off any nail treatment for shoppers. Her stuff is also available at the super adorable BFF Corner at Bellis nails (place to chill with your BFF over cups of coffee) located at #02-479 joo chiat road, Singapore, Singapore 427684 and Wicked Laundry located at 76 Haji Lane, Singapore, Singapore 189269.

Definitely have got to play around with more lipstick now, I actually love it but am usually too lazy to bother. My first gel nail experience, new bottles sparkly nail polish and yummy lip balm has made me week a whole lot more to feel good about, can't thank you enough for your generosity, Evon! Find out more about Prowl on Facebook. Or head on down to the site