Blazer and jumpsuit, Max & Co., Curated Editions jewellery, Vintage sequin pouch

I love this place! It's one of those paths I always pass but never stop to take a good look at and I'm so happy I finally got here! This is one of my favourite looks for Max & Co. so far! Love how light and airy this is and yet super easy to move in. Comfot really is key for me. This get up is all about summer vibes to me and I'm stoked about one of the rare occasions I'm happy in a jumpsuit. Also love that this is definitely a day to night kind of thing, you gotta agree that jumpsuit is as versatile as it gets and so is that amazing jacket. I guess like I've always emphasized on the blog, clothes aren't just things I wear for the sake of pretty pictures, I've always wanted it to be more than just functionality but also telling a story, having fun and expressing myself through the way I dress. Sometimes, these pieces do speak for themselves but there is always something different about them when they're on a person. And it is never the same on anyone. Gotta say I'm pretty grateful to have been able to work with some amazing brands this past year that bring out the best in my motto and Max & Co. certainly has done it right for me again.