My recent adventures at the hair salon have been all about getting my hair right. Bleach is a scary thing and up till now, my hair is still suffering the after effects. Everyone's hair is different so it's just down on my luck that mine hasn't been too well lately. Last month I tried out Japan's latest technology for hair called Arimino Privy- supposed to provide nourishment and soften hair texture. It smooths out stubborn frizzy hair strains which was exactly what I needed. And it worked for me for a little while but I guess my hair really is too stubborn so I talked things out with Ivan and a few other hairstylists to really improve my hair condition. Before I do go on, many people who have tried the Arimino Privy have said it's God-sent and it works so I have been a little stressed out over my stubborn hair, I'll admit. Which is why I've avoided the topic for awhile over here. I just haven't been able to do it because it wouldn't feel real to me anymore. Talking to the stylists at Salon Vim, Ivan, Gary and John, made it all better and I just tried out a Brazillian blowout. It's a straightening protein treatment that smooths and improves the hair condition, locking in the protein with the heat you get from the straightening and elimating frizz. This technique has been in the headlines for years for it's formaldehyde content so being quite a health freak, I bombarded Gary with questions and I was relived he knew his stuff. (Ok, it's kinda obvious he has to, like duh!) So yes, we proceeded on with the treatment and my hair is straighter, smoother and easier to manage. It's still early stages but I have a good feeling about this one. Bad hair runs in my family and in addition to all the damage done to my hair from bleach and colouring, Ivan and Gary couldn't promise that the Brazillian Blowout would be a 100% effective and frizz-free for me but they did promise more manageable hair and they have been right about it. I guess having MY hair makes it harder for me to actually blog about it sometimes because it can be really bad sometimes but thank God for the most patient people at Salon Vim. Ivan finished my hair off with a little snip and also gave me Keratin infused products to up keep the hair (more on that in my next beauty post!). Can't thank these guys enough for their patience and belief in my hair, really makes a world of a difference when people ask me why I go through these ups and downs whenever I get hair done.


If you're meaning to head on down to Salon Vim to get your hair done, please do! My stylist, Ivan will get anything you need done. Mention my name of the blog to get a 10% off! My usual go-to at the Salon Vim 313 outlet is currently closed for renovations till the end of the month so do visit the Bugis outlet at 235 Victoria Street. Call 68370073 to book your appointments!


On a side note, the salon is offering a couple of offers for Redken's Cocktail treatment (I've done this several times before and it's awesome and super fun!) and Arimino Privy..! From now till June 1st so go on and pamper yourselves ladies, summer's here!