I know I haven't really been keeping up with the Tasty Tuesday thing…I try I try and I apologise. But I'm back now so I'm definitely doing this! Anyway, eating healthy is honestly…..not in my forte. And after I was back from my long winter in Portland and Tokyo, my body felt both good and bad. Bad because when I did eat, I ate a lot and I couldn't stop. And good because having to learn how to be on my own also meant prepping dinners for myself. I'll admit, after a long day's work, sometimes the easiest thing is to really just toss a salad. All the ingredients are lying in the fridge and if I have some, I'll just add some protein I got at Wholefoods. Carb-free dinners like these made me feel so much lighter because I am a total carb-freak and I love my rice, potatoes, pasta, noodles and the list goes on and on. I haven't been keeping up to my one carb-free meal a day but it did work for awhile after I got back (now…no! But I am trying). Everyone asks me what I put into my salads and I'll tell you the truth: everything! Protein for me usually come in the form of roast chicken, popcorn chicken when I feel like rewarding myself, steak, salmon and prawns. As for leaves, I love a good mix you get boxed up at supermarkets, or I usually go for rocket or spinach. I love blueberries, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, avocadoes and figs in my salads. For the dressing, I usually either do a lemon, honey, mustard and olive oil dressing, or, a balsamic and olive oil dressing. Argan Oil is delicious too if you have some! That's it. Just toss and enjoy. So simple and so so comforting.