Jakarta Photo Diary


I have to say I didn't really know what to expect from Jakarta. And as the political drama and conflicts in the city go on, this city was two different worlds. The contrast between Indonesia's elite and the poor was as obscene as it surprised us. One of the richest countries can also be 98% poverty. What? Why? I'll be honest and tell you that it really isn't the most beautiful city, having every corner of the street or drain as an open garbage and sewer didn't make it smell very nice. But it was an adventure. Admist trying to get through some of the worst traffic I have ever experienced in my life (how could something that easily takes 20 minutes by car end up becoming 2 hours at least on a good day) and keeping safe, it was great company with my girlfriends as we sang in the car and did nothing but relax. The highlights of the trip definitely was the food and it's obvious in these pictures, because that makes up more than half of the photos in the post. I wish I brought out my camera more often but it was hard as we had to aviod carrying our valuables in a lot of the places we visited. And sadly, we didn't fulfil everything on our to-do list because of floods, it's crazy to think that the nation's most developed city can also be routinely paralyzed by the floods. But yes, the food was fucking amazing and also nothing I have ever had before. Kind of like an explosion of flavours. Indonesians like their food SPICY. We had great hosts who constantly fed us till each night, us 5 girls laid flat on the floor. And yes, we relaxed and indulged ourseves in cheap massages and hair-dos, super super premiere cinema screenings and some cheap shopping. The rest was just great company and being stuck in really bad traffic and I am thankful for the great laughs (and farts) we will remember. I had a great time and can't wait to be back for another adventure, thank you Beby and family for being so, so amazing and making everything possible for us. It was unforgettable!