Nastygal Dress

Visited this Indonesian coffeeshop on the first day and it somehow just stood out to me when we were looking for places to shoot so I asked if we could come back. I don't know if it's the perfectly rustic wooden Bakso Jawir (Indonesian beef noodles- a street food regularity) stall or that massive banner with a supringly really nice typeface and colour combi, it just all went well together. THIS is a very sexy dress, one I wouldn't wear every other day. Having said that, this definitely isn't the way to dress in Jakarta, apart from the regular stares and whistles, it is not a very safe place so I wore this to shoot before heading out to the salon to get big (in Indonesian tai-tai terms: the bigger the richer) hair done and then headed out for dinner in the city. Nevertheless, I still love this dress, don't you? It's kinda…cheong-sam ish (a traditional chinese kind of dress) and to think I bought it for the Lunar new year earlier this year but I'm looking forward to putting it on again. Thank God no one has associated me with a chinese waitress and hopefully no one ever does.