The great thing about the internet is being able to turn back time. Technically it's Thursday but I am going to pretend it's still Tuesday as part of my efforts to keep blogging. I spent the past week in Bangkok, revisiting familiar places and also the new. We were well-fed throughout but it consisted of ups and downs and we explored Bangkok's best dining spots. Roast was interesting, looking through reviews and visuals of delicious brunch brought us there and we were ready to dive in. Actually, it was a cobb salad that brought us there because hell yes a cobb salad is an all time favourite for me and it isn't easily found everywhere. So off we went and we were welcomed with friendly staff and a newspaper-esque menu with amazing imagery. I rubbed my palms and went straight for the cobb salad, the eatery's favourite crabcake benedict and a clam chowder. While Hosanna went for a goat cheese frittata. I know I sound like a glutton right now but we decided to share the cobb and stick with our mains, feeding each other every other bite of goodness. My clam chowder came first and while I'm usually not very adventurous with my soups, I always appreciate a good classic and my clam chowder was a spot-on.


The crabcake benedict was delicious, smooth and pairing it with some rosti provided great texture to the dish. As for the cobb salad, it was a disappointment but thankfully our mains were the highlights of our meal. I guess I'll leave it to an American diner to provide me with an authentic cobb one day. The goat cheese frittata was creamy and just right, ending off with a perfect hint of cheese that wasn't overpowering the dish. Mhhmmmm. Overall, Roast's attention to detail is pretty amazing, I literally drooled over their dinner menu which wasn't available while we were there but brunch was as appetizing as it looked and tasted amazing. The service was commendable and I'm looking forward to being able to try the dinner menu when I'm back. Guacamole with meatballs, you got me, Roast! 

If you are in Bangkok, Roast is located at 2/F, Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13, Bangkok, Thailand

*PS Can't wait for the Singapore Social Concert this weekend, I'll be singing along live to Aerosmith. Thank you Nuffnang and Starcount!