Tangkuban Perahu

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So I finally got the name of this volcano right. The relationship I have with blogging and the places it has taken me really never fail to amuse me. Thinking about 4am call times and Jakarta's insane traffic (for the record, we were stuck for 5 hours on the way back) nearly killed me but it was worth it. Tangkuban Perahu was a feast to our eyes and admist trying to get through locals trying to make abit of money selling useless souvenirs, that afternoon felt like an adventure from start to finish. I think we were just so mesmerized we didn't realise how much time we had spent just snapping with our cameras.  If you're in Jakarta, take that drive up, I promise you it will not disappoint. The experience taught my eyes a whole new meaning to the shades I had previously considered 'grey' and was nothing short of surreal.