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The polariod sizes are weird but just like the visuals themselves, I love how extremely organic and casual they were taken. We took this, in no more than 15 minutes, just fussing about a little. Not even sure how the next shot would turn out. I guess that's what you get out of film, it's expensive so you just always make sure it's worth the shot and somehow if there's any fault, it's justified because it is film and it is meant to be this way. Just like everything else these images speak of. My friends at Solestruck asked me to shoot a couple of pics in my new pair of TBA boots, the 'Who', so Sherman and I did just that. So much fun and absolutely in love with how these turned out. 

To amazing friends, amazing shoes and an amazing instant camera. Xo!

*Ps For those in Singapore, TBA will soon be available in Singapore at PVS located at 8 Grange Road, #02-05 Cathay Cineleisure, Orchard.