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Shopmissingavenue tulle dress worn as top, Asos leather overalls, vintage purse, Zara sandals

I am so in love with Brighton! So happy that its so conveniently located because I definitely see myself going back a lot more in the future when I eventually start a new life in the UK (In my dreams, but then maybe not heh heh heh). It's like Eastborne but way way way better by a gazillion times (I still love you, Eastborne!) and yet super peaceful at the same time, so beautiful and has the most insane breeze. Believe me when I say we spent half the time today trying not to get blown off by the breeze. Being able to be so near to the beach and hear the crashing of waves throughout my day spent in this lovely town was everything I've needed since arriving in London. The highlight of my day was definitely when we stumbled across a street full of cheap vintage furniture and clothing where I screamed at every vintage teacup or plate I saw. Until…I was greeted with the most magical silver pots and my heart skipped a beat. So now, arriving with already overweight baggage, I got to think about the three more pots to fit into my suitcase. And the traditional English plates I've been eyeing on, AND Anthropologie.. which might be one of my favourite stores ever. Honestly, I know I sound whiny and a little crazy but the satisfaction and joy I get out of collecting these kitchen gadgets beats shopping for my wardrobe anytime. Promise I'll share my collection next time!