MhmmmMmMMmm it's been awhile since I shared my own recipe over here and ^THIS^ is amazing. Believe me, it's AMAZING. And I'm not even praising myself I promise, it's just the perfect combination of a tortilla wrap with melted, oozy cheese and mushrooms…AND BACON. Thats it. That's the magical thing about a quesadilla. You put whatever the heck you want in it, as long as there's cheese and you put it on the pan, what you get is going to be nothing short of beautiful flavours that melt in your mouth. I intended my quesadillas to be vegetarian in my quest to eat healthy but one never says no to bacon… so I did it. And it might seem like a lot of work to make this with guacamole and salsa but if you're into it, it's the most therapeutic thing to male. I find cutting up mushrooms soothing for my soul. No measurements/quantities because everything should be done to your liking! 


Quesadilla- For mine, I added mushrooms (any kind you might have), bacon and cheddar. Make sure all your ingredients are already cooked and the cheese is freshly grated or you can even use the strips you get out of little packets in the supermarket. Once you have all your ingredients in your tortilla wrap, place it flat on a hot pan for a minute or two on each side. There is no right or wrong when you make a quesidilla, roast your own chicken like I always do! Or make a breafast version with truffle scrambled eggs. As long as these's cheese, you just never go wrong. 


Guacamole- Avocadoes, teeny bit of grated garlic, corriander leaves finely chopped, tomatoes (or just put in the salsa you'll be making as well), a bit of lime and shallots finely chopped. Put everything together in a large bowl and mix. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Salsa- This is just a very basic tomato salsa recipe amongst the thousands of other salsas you can also make. A couple of tomatoes finely chopped, shallots finely chopped, corriander leaves finely chopped, a squish of lime and agave honey. Place all into a large bowl and mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Easy as pie. Serve with your choice of tortila chips and dig in. So so so goooood.