I've never been close to family outside of home and my previous trip to London allowed me to connect with my grand aunt I had only heard stories about all my life. It's funny how she actually left her number on my blog and on her Facebook wall (not being very internet-savy) just so I could contact her for us to meet. And it was just nice that my trip had to be extended due to the volcanic ash which caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays so it was perfect. And she was great. My trip now wouldn't be possible without her too and being able to be around her and her family has been the best time. I'm not sure what exactly we are, second-generation cousins (?) or something but her grand daughter, Rosie, really melts my heart and is the sweetest little thing- she really has been this trip a lot more bearable sometimes and I love her! It's almost like we just became friends again…she wasn't really talking the last time we had met but now she can't stop! And every other morning, she comes knocking at my door asking me to braid her hair or put on her make up, showing me her toys and giving me big hugs. She really is everything about a sweet, English rose. I took these pictures around their neighbourhood in Coulsdon where I'm staying half the time throughout this trip. And the rest along an abandoned apartment in Brick Lane. After having been to Columbia's flower market which was nothing short of beautiful, I've been obsessed with taking photos of flowers (If you follow me on Instagram, you should know!) everywhere I go and England truly is the perfect climate for roses. Needed the perfect outfit to go with them too, so I happily put on my Innit Bangkok top (remember this dress?)- which I absolutely love. Can't wait to share the 100 other photos I shot of the most beautiful market in London.