Blouse from Bangkok, Topshop flare pants, Zara heels, Chanel handbag

Can't get over these images Niran shot of me over the weekend in Somerset House. And I can't get over the architecture of these buildings which are all over England. THIS is what beauty is. And like what many other 'fashion' bloggers say, no trip to London is complete without shooting at Somerset. But I absolutely loved visiting the place and walking in its grounds. Thank God for Niran for making this possible! I've followed the Yin of Yin & Yang for a year now and fell in love with the amazing content and visuals put together by Niran and his team- Everything about my favourite city in such detail from great perspectives was as refreshing as it could get. You just know it's an adventure when you're on Yin & Yang, they got me excited for London for a whole year just through their visuals alone. None of the saturated superficial stuff that flies around today's blogosphere as I would quote Niran myself. We've been conversing over emails for the past few months about everything London and it was great to finally be able to meet! We did so much walking in a day just exploring London and talking about everything over mango lassi and chicken tikka at Dishoom (CANNOT…..GET.OVER.THIS.PLACE) (MORE DETAILS SOON). I guess I went home a happy girl. Excited that this city truly has so much to offer and is filled with such like-minded people, sometimes I can't believe how far this tiny blog has taken me…saving up for months, making sure everything is perfect and ready to go, that 13 hour flight- I've been able to meet some really inspiring people who I now call friends in just the past week alone I've been here and it's been nothing short of amazing. Big thank you to Niran for taking me around and taking these pictures, this guy does wonders behind the camera. 

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